Discover DIKA

In the spirit of the times, DiKa combines aesthetics and effortlessness, traditional silhouettes and innovative design. Our collections are dedicated to the woman of today - dynamic, free, responsible and confident in her style. Living here and now, she finds her favorite clothes for business meetings, travel, leisure and home office.

DiKa yesterday, today and tomorrow

For more than 25 years, DiKa has been dressing ladies from different generations, professional fields and geographical locations, helping them emphasize their individuality and style. Always different, but true to their own signature and very recognizable.

Since 2017, DiKa is part of E Miroglio Group - a world leader in textile and fashion industry. After the acquisition, the brand continues its dynamic development by opening stores in Bulgaria, France, Romania, Serbia and Georgia.

With unique knitwear designs, designer prints and a wide range of colors, we create high quality garments. For modern, confident women who love fashion and perceive it as part of their personal branding. We use innovative technologies for processing and recycling of yarns and combine them with our long tradition of flawless cuts and silhouettes that emphasize the body in the best way.


  •  Creating and developing fashion that inspires women in their daily lives
  • Local production 100% made in Europe
  • Transparent process, quality and traceability of materials - 95% of our fabrics are produced in our factories for the needs of DiKa
  • Optimized planning of the produced quantities and effective reduction of the waste from the textile resources (upcycling)
  • Care for the customer through thorough selection of materials
  • Care for the employees through a healthy work environment and a culture of mutual respect
  • Care for the planet through local production, reduced CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, work process with water saving and purification, without use of harmful or irritating chemicals, innovative recycling practices and more.
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